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New fic

Title: In Quiet Night
Author: McKay
Pairing: Rebecca/Mel
Summary: Even when she comes, Rebecca is silent. Drabble.
Rating: Hard R.
Archive: Ask first, but I'll probably say yes.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not affiliated with the people who do own them. You can sue me, but you'll get nothing out of it. I have nothing you could possibly want, unless you're eager to own a sizeable rock collection and a dozen candleholders.
Author's notes: Probably part one in a series of drabbles. Depends on whether or not people like this one (or, I should say, the responses dictate whether or not they get posted. I'll probably try my hand at writing them again regardless.) Unbeta'd, since it's barely over 250 words and I'm tired of agonizing over this.

When Mel brushes her lips against Rebecca's jawline, Rebecca exhales. She shivers when Mel licks along the curve of her neck and grips the doorknob behind her tightly. And when Mel begins to carefully unbutton Rebecca's shirt, Rebecca arches away, stumbling and bumping her hip on the door's molding. There'll be a bruise in the morning, Mel thinks, wincing.

"Do you want me to stop?" Mel softly strokes Rebecca's cheek with her thumb. Rebecca shakes her head no, tears welling in her eyes. Mel brushes them away as they slip down her cheeks. She kisses her, and Rebecca melts into her embrace, parting her lips. Pulling back slightly, she fumbles with the zipper of her pants, then takes Mel's hand and guides it to her inner thigh.

Mel looks uncertain as she lightly traces circles on the soft skin, letting her fingers drift upwards. Rebecca nods, moves a little closer, rests her cheek in the crook of Mel's shoulder. She breathes in sharply when Mel presses two fingers against her clit and pulls away just a bit when Mel moves to push those fingers inside her.

"Sorry," she whispers, and allows Rebecca to guide her hand, feels her grind against her fingers. "You know, I do have a bed that's right over-" Rebecca shuts her up with a kiss, then drags her tongue across Mel's throat. She bites down on her shoulder, hard enough to draw blood even through the fabric of her shirt, as she comes without a sound. Mel yelps and Rebecca just smiles, even though Mel can feel the heat and wet of her tears on her neck.
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